MLK obstacle obliterating spell

Martin Luther King – MLK obstacle obliterating spell allows you to fulfill your dream, obliterating obstacles.

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I have introduced you to a divine magic that can make your wish absolutely come true. Use this power that makes your wish turn into a reality, and get your wonderful fortune that you have wanted for a long time. It will make your aspiration come true, supernatural powers that will lead you to pure happiness. Whatever it is, we can help you fulfill your dream today

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Historical facts show that where standing at the end earth’s history

Are we living in the end of time of this world as we know it. The Biblical signs are clear for all to see, and after reading this with open eyes, even the scoffers will struggle to argue against it.

Never in human history has there been a time like this that many end time prophecies are evident in so many places and with such frequency and intensity. Our Generation is the FIRST generation to see and fulfill many biblical signs.

In Matthew 24, Jesus speaks of wars, earthquakes and such things, but says these are just the “beginning of sorrows and birth pains” and “the end is not yet”. Now its also speaks of the frequency and intensity of birth pains / labor pains as we get closer to the end of days

When Noah warned the people of God’s coming judgment and destruction, the people would not listen. Instead they treated Noah as “extremists”. Then the destruction that came found the people unprepared. As in the days of Noah, the return of our god will be a snare unto the people who do not heed the warning and surrender their lives to Him who knows all. (Luke 17:26-30)

As i said Matthew 24 also speaks of the frequency and intensity of birth pains / labor pains as we get closer to the end of days. And as a woman gets nearer the birth, the “pains” become more frequent and intense. This is true also for the signs of the end times. These signs began not long after Jesus’ day, and as Jesus quoted, the end would not yet be, because this was just the beginning of sorrows.

But throughout history we have seen and felt the “pains” (signs) become more frequent and intense, culminating in the day we live in now where the pains are so frequent and intense that we are close to the time of “delivery”, when god returns to take back this world from the evil empire.

So don’t let anyone fool you into believing that the signs today are just the beginning of sorrows and the end is not yet. More than end time signs, We have historical FACTS that will show where standing at the end earth’s history.

The vision that God gave King Nebuchadnezzar seen in Daniel 2:31-45, and subsequently the interpretation to the prophet Daniel, consisted of an image of a man which reveals to us all the “ages” and ruling kingdoms from the time of Babylon until the reestablishment of the kingdom of God.

Please check back because im out of time today because im going to show you all the things you need to see and know so that you will know that it is near, even at the doors.  mre to come … stay tuned