Native-born ISIS Americans Ready to commit murder

ISIS Americans

One of the most troubling aspects of ISIS’ rise as a global terror threat: the growing list of Americans who seek to join or act on its behalf. A 2015 study of those arrested for supporting ISIS found that they tend to be young, American-born and drawn more to the idea of an Islamic caliphate

Federal prosecutors on Wednesday opened their case against three Minneapolis men accused of plotting to help ISIS, they conspired to provide material support to ISIS and commit murder.The defendants, from the city’s large Somali community, are among dozens of native-born Americans who have been charged with supporting ISIS.Six other connected to the Minneapolis case have already pleaded guilty, and one reportedly fled the United States and made it to Syria.

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Woe to those pregnant or with babies ( Prophecy fulfillment – 2 )

Birth defects, chronic diseases and lead poisoning are so prevalent today that our children are the first generation in recorded history to have a shorter lifespan than their parent’s generation.  ( see post 1 ) rare-birth-defects-2

Untold cities across America have higher rates of lead poisoning than Flint. Data collected by the CDC control and Prevention shows that over 40 percent of the states that reported lead test results in 2014 have higher rates of lead poisoning among children than Flint.

You will discover that the lethal assault with lead is just the start of the things which were written that are now being fulfilled. The connection between the problems associated with lead poising and birth defects today is undeniable.  Woe to those babies …  Continue reading Woe to those pregnant or with babies ( Prophecy fulfillment – 2 )

Woe to those pregnant or with babies ( Prophecy fulfillment – 1 )

Today 1 out of every 33 babies in the United States is born with a birth defect. These birth defects and chronic diseases are so prevalent today that our children are the first generation in recorded history to have a shorter lifespan than their parent’s generation. Why is this happening ???? rare-birth-defects

This assault on our babies was discovered back in the early 2000, people were shocked to find out that millions of toys (from china) were tainted with paint containing excessive ( very high ) levels of lead. The levels of lead in some of the toys was as high as 11 percent, that’s 180 times the legal limit.  but it does not stop there

The United States is now nothing more than a grand unnatural experiment. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) itself has begun monitoring our bodies for 151 potentially dangerous chemicals, detailing the variety of pollutants we store in our bones, muscle, blood, and fat.

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(Russia) Putin’s wants a “New Europe”

PUTIN’S UKRAINE WAR IS ABOUT FOUNDING A BRAND NEW EUROPE AND RESTORING THE RUSSIAN EMPIRE so he plans to overthrow the entire post–Cold War order in Europe.

Vladimir Putin says that Crimea and the Ukraine are the spiritual headquarters of Russia And he sees the Russians and Ukrainians as a single people. He says there is no such thing as a separate Ukrainian people, national identity, culture or history and the Ukrainian has no need to exist apart from russia.

Putin’s objective will lead to a perpetual state of war within the former Soviet space and a state of siege with Europe and the world. Thus the new Cold War and you can bet a series of new hot wars along Russia’s periphery.

A renewed Russian empire essentially reincarnates the idea that Russia is not safe unless everyone connected to it, and not only its immediate neighbors, is unsafe or insecure.

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American police state is being formed – 2016

Anarchy is coming — lawlessness has been sweeping the nation as criminals have been emboldened because police officers are forced to think twice about doing their jobs for fear of the infamy of starring in the next viral video. police_swat_drill_0

For the government to ramp up its gun removal program the police have to become the targets of terrorist, radical gun owners and assassins intoxicated by “anti-cop rhetoric,”. They are manufacturing fear without evidence and are going to promote the belief that American civil rights and liberties are actually an impediment to public safety.

Police unions in many states have aggressively pushed for their own bills of rights, which make it nearly impossible for police officers to be fired, much less charged with crimes when they violate an individual’s civil rights and liberties. this is the start of what then becomes a police state and martial law.

In 14 states, versions of a Law Enforcement Officers’ Bill of Rights (LEOBR) have already been passed, while in 11 others they are under consideration. These provide an “extra layer of due process” in cases of alleged police misconduct, according to Samuel Walker, an expert on police accountability.

As with our wars abroad, think mission creep at home. A program started to wage the war on drugs, and strengthened after 9/11, is now being justified on the grounds that certain equipment is useful during disasters or emergencies.

Don’t think this can happen … fact is the government has been waiting for such a rebellion for years. why do you think every police department in every little town and village has been armed to the teeth with armored military equipment in the first place – is it just a coincidence.

( but first – Isis with allies will wage war within america)    

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Flames are fueling – WW3

Prophecy says that World War III will begin in the Middle East and the yellow dragon will invade Alaska and Canada. The West Coast will be invaded by Asians and the United States may be destroyed.  (yikes!!!!)

World War III is coming like it or not. Here are a couple hot spots that might trigger the next big attack that leads all into a global war. iran_bible_prophecy

1. Islamic fury at in Egypt
2. Islamic extremists and European regimes

A fierce struggle is going on in Egypt between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Sunni Jihad organizations.  In Europe there’s growing escalation because of Europe’s strikes against jihad cells in Belgium and Germany that will trigger Jihad activities encouraged by ISIS as well as Al Qaeda.

The looming threat of World War 3 also grows larger because tension has risen to an all time high that may cause things to erupt in the Middle East. These tensions are also spreading across Pakistan, Indian Kashmir and russia

These struggles are synergistic, they influence one another because an Islamic militant sees what is happening in one area and decides to take revenge for Allah in another.  When they succeed at drawing Israel, china, Russia and the good ole USA into the fray, the powder keg will ignite and the nukes will fly.

life will end as we know it !!!!!!!!!

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i will post much much more on this topic
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China challenges U.S. – Happy new year (war drums)

China is pressing ahead with his drive to challenge U.S. dominance of the global financial and security order. This new bold agenda threatens to put Beijing increasingly at odds with Washington. However U.S. President Barack Obama, preoccupied by Russia and the Mideast, is expected to avoid a major confrontation with China in his final year in office.  ww3-usa-china-russia

But there is a potential flash point and its in the South China Sea, where U.S. officials have said that American navy ships and planes will continue to patrol—roughly twice every quarter—near artificial islands China has built in the last two years.

The islands aren’t growing out any more: They’re now growing up,” Gregory Poling, said in a recent podcast. “By which I mean China’s focused on building all the infrastructure—the buildings, the ports—that are going to be needed to make these functioning bases,” he said.

The Chinese government is also expected to unveil several new infrastructure projects as part of its much-vaunted “One Belt, One Road” program to build new trade and transport links between Asia and Europe.

strange things have been going on over there. whats really going on ???

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