China / U.S. confrontation – (war drums)

Chinese military officials warned the US that flying an Air Force B-52 bomber over a Chinese-controlled man-made island in the South China Sea was a ‘serious military provocation and said that they would do whatever necessary to protect Chinese sovereignty.

The Chinese Defense Ministry accused the U.S. of deliberately raising tensions in the disputed region, where China has been aggressively asserting its claims to virtually all islands, reefs and their surrounding seas.

China’s protest comes amid a simmering dispute over Washington’s approval this past week of the first arms package in four years offered to Taiwan. Beijing regards Taiwan as part of its territory

Washington insists on freedom of navigation and maintains that China’s seven newly created islands do not have traditional rights. This is not the first time the US and China have clashed over airspace rights.

In November 2013, China declared that all aircraft entering a maritime area between China, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan and that it would take unspecified defensive measures against those that don’t comply. China told the U.S. on 12/19/15 that even a minor confrontation between their two militaries in the South China Sea could culminate into a larger war.

The fact that the rise of Asia has occurred in our twentieth century with so many rapid and unexpected developments is another evidence that the world is moving toward its final climax and the end of the times of the Gentiles. In Asia, as in other parts of the world, the stage is being set for the final drama in which the kings of the east will have their important part.

Prophecy declares that China will attack america

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No longer is China, with the world’s largest population the paper tiger she has been for almost five thousand years. In our lifetime she has startle the world and frightened many in the military complex with her enormous economic and military potential”

China, Russia, and Iran are preparing for Daniel’s Prophetic War against America


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China/Nuclear threat – (war drums)

China is a major nuclear power

Beijing’s latest rhetoric suggests that Chinese decision-makers could resort to more “concrete and forceful measures” when it comes to dealing with America. Things may start in the South China Sea if the american navy keeps poking around over their(and they will). If so, a face-off between the two navies becomes inevitable. Even worse, the face-off may trigger an escalation towards military conflicts.

The U.S. military is “oblivious” to this scenario, since Washington decision-makers think America’s conventional military superiority discourages China from responding to such “provocations. However, this “U.S. expectation is flawed, as China is a major nuclear power,” A military parade in Beijing revealed that China’s new generation of tactical missiles that can carry nuclear warheads.

Beijing has the advantage in “the balance of resolve” over Washington. And if the South China Sea situation escalates and starts spiraling into a nuclear confrontation between the U.S. and China, Washington will face a choice of either backing down first or fighting a nuclear-armed power with the world’s largest military force (approximately 2.285 million personnel).

What if China & Russia combine forces in an all out nuclear war with America and NATO ???????. And if that’s not enough, lets not forget Alois Irlmaier prophecy:  The “Great City” of the United States will be destroyed by rockets, and the West Coast will be invaded by Asians.

He also added: “The Third World War will come, but I cannot predict the year. It will be preceded by signs in the skies, which will be seen by millions of people. Remeber this post – China’s Positron collider = UNIVERSAL DESTRUCTION. It can be seen here ( )

Its been predicted for many years that some leading-edge technologies such as physics, robotics, genetic engineering and nano-tech will lead to the extinction of human society. These are the signs of the end times

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