Marry me commitment spell

lover dragging feet acting like they’ve no intention of getting married soon. light a fire under their *** today with this Marry me – Marriage spell.

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Valentines commitment spell – love struck spell

You dont have to wait till V-day to Pierce the heart of someone you love and create a super strong love bond. Do it today with this Valentine’s commitment spell

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Do you believe in miracles ?

We’ve been conditioned to think of a miracle as something completely outside the realm of possibility. The parting of the Red Sea. Walking on water. The blind and lame healed. And yes, even the raising the dead back to life.

Do you believe in miracles ?? No,

What about the miracle that despite our grief and agony and depression and profound sadness, we still hope?

What about the miracle that despite relationships that bind and bruise, bend and break, we continue to live … and sometimes leave … and love?

What about the miracle of birth in its EVERY form?

What about the miracle of friendship?

What about the miracle that flowers die and the sun goes down and yet both will rise again and again and again?

What about the miracle of opening our eyes to one more day, to taking someone’s hand, to rising?

That is phenomenal and anything but ordinary. That is extra-ordinary. That is who we are. Miracles–each and every one of us. Including you.

What if we allowed miracles into our consciousness, our everyday reality, our lives? Even more, what if we actually believed that we are one? That just might change everything (which sounds a little like a miracle in and of itself)!

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