Concept of life, as we know it – shattered

Vision shatters the concept of life as we know it.

My name is Shiloh Cyrus (a channeled spirit) and this is a vision shown to me by an angel of our heavenly father, god almighty. This vision shatters the concept of life as we know it and destroys the myth that we call history.

Created in gods image,

It was during a trip through Samaria that Jesus taught one of the most basic truths about God found anywhere in the Bible. It was near the little village of Sychar that jesus had a conversation with a Samaritan woman. He was talkig about worship when he said; an hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers shall worship the Father in spirit and truth; for such people the Father seeks to be His worshipers (John 4:21-23) .

It was at that point in the conversation that Jesus said something about God which had never been clearly stated before. The truth was apparent from what had been revealed in the Old Testament, but it had never been put into plain words. “God is spirit,” He declared, “and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and in truth” (John 4:24).

God is spirit. There is no article in the Greek text before the word spirit, and that emphasizes the quality or essence of the word. Furthermore, the word spirit occurs first in the sentence for emphasis. The literal idea would be something like, “Absolutely spirit in His essence is God.” Jesus did not leave any doubt about this truth. God is spirit! (

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Ebola pandemic may hit United States

Ghost Ship Filled with Ebola-Ridden RatsA large cargo ship originating from West Africa has the American authorities on high alert as it is approaching the coast of Florida. This GHOST SHIP IS FILLED WITH EBOLA-RIDDEN RATS. The ebola hemorrhagic fever and the presence of thousands of rats possibly infected with the disease aboard the ship could represent a major threat for the American population.

The ship could now pose an important threat to the American public, as the ship is believed to be infested with thousands of starving rats possibly carrying the ebola virus. Many of the witnesses who came across the ship over the last months, have indeed reported seeing the rodents feeding off the crew’s bodies as the ship went by. Experts fear that these animals could now spread the disease to humans and other animals on the continent, creating an uncontrolable ebola pandemic in the United States

Does anyone know what happen to this ship ( from jan 2015 )

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Native-born ISIS Americans Ready to commit murder

ISIS Americans

One of the most troubling aspects of ISIS’ rise as a global terror threat: the growing list of Americans who seek to join or act on its behalf. A 2015 study of those arrested for supporting ISIS found that they tend to be young, American-born and drawn more to the idea of an Islamic caliphate

Federal prosecutors on Wednesday opened their case against three Minneapolis men accused of plotting to help ISIS, they conspired to provide material support to ISIS and commit murder.The defendants, from the city’s large Somali community, are among dozens of native-born Americans who have been charged with supporting ISIS.Six other connected to the Minneapolis case have already pleaded guilty, and one reportedly fled the United States and made it to Syria.

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Trump exposed in lustful revelations

lustyWhat  does the big “trump” say about these lustful revelations that I’m now exposing.

 America, as well as the rest of world has been engulfed in a culture war that threatens the nation’s very foundation and its very survival. In Revelation chapter 9,the 5th and 6th trumps are described, but I’m speaking on the 6th trump.

Rev. 9 v.21 lists the four big sins of the Tribulation period; Lust, Drugs, thievery of all kinds and Murder. The significance of these sins is great in light of present trends in the world. Is it a coincidence that the four major sins listed here are four of the most serious problems facing law enforcement today.

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