BY 2025 the world will 50% Muslim

According to a new study by the Washington Institute of Demographics (WID) Islam, the world’s fastest-growing faith, will leap from 1.6 billion (in 2010) to 6.76 billion by 2025. Muslims will make up nearly half of the world’s total projected population of about 13 billion people.

Imam Azeb Charkaoui, of the American Muslim Alliance says “This proves our religion is the only religion and that our God is the only true God. It is written in the scriptures that the infidels will flock to the Gates of Jannah or Heaven, but will be refused entrance unless they have chosen the right path”

The same study also shows how Christianity will continue its sharp decline, but not at Buddhism’s alarming rate. The new study predicts Christians will be decreasing from 2.17 billion followers to 0.92 billion in 2025, composing less than 6% of the world’s expected population.

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