Climate change has a history of disintegrating whole Civilizations

The question of how the Maya met their end is one of history’s most enduriglobal_climate_changeng mysteries. Did the Maya civilization fall victim to a major catastrophe – one able to topple city after city in its wake.  was that major catastrophe linked to climate change? Did climate change play a key role in destroying one of the ancient world’s most advanced societies 1,000 years ago?  Archaeologist say yes!!!

The first Central American ancient climate records show that the Maya civilization was ultimately doomed by a period of severe climate change. Will our modern day civilization fall victim to a Climate change catastrophe ???

Archaeological evidence reveals that climate change played a key role in the Maya’s downfall. Most archaeological explanations for the collapse involve agriculture. The Maya, like all large civilizations, were heavily dependent on crops for their economic might – and of course to sustain their vast workforce.

Some scholars think that the Maya’s skilled manipulation of their environment could have had a hand in their eventual collapse, by somehow worsening the impacts of natural climate change. For example, some scholars think that deforestation to clear land for agriculture might have exacerbated localized drying effects, leading to more significant agricultural losses during drought.

A more indirect consequence of their agricultural prowess might simply have been that it allowed the population to grow too large, which might have increased their vulnerability to an extended food shortage, and therefore reduced their resistance to a drier climate.

But this went way beyond A drier climate, Were talking drought and not just any drought. This was the worst drought that the region had seen for fully 2,000 years – it was a “megadrought”.

This Climate change had a huge impact on food supplies. As food stocks shrank during the dry decades, competition for resources becomes very intense that led to Inter-city conflict, socio-political instability and increased warfare.

The simplest explanation for the Maya’s fall is that year-upon-year of low crop yields, brought on by the droughts, may have gradually diminished the Maya’s political influence, eventually leading to full-on societal disintegration.

Will our modern day civilization fall victim to a similar Climate change catastrophe ??? do we have anything in common with the Mayans ???

Are we heavily dependent on crops .. yes
Do we have a vast workforce .. yes
population problems  … yes
deforestation … yes

Could we be a victim of a Climate change catastrophe ???

Many experts say .. yes !!


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