Iranian-Russian forces ready to claim syria, then the Middle east

As America fades from the scene and Assad’s Syrian army gains ground, the Saudis and its allies say it wont be allowed to happen. But the Iranian-Russian forces show no signs of stopping. Reports in Arabic media say refugees are trying to escape a ground offensive by the Syrian army, assisted by Russian carpet bombings. faceofwar

The Russians, as they are wont to do, take no prisoners. They are not even pretending to avoid harming civilians. On the contrary: Everything that moves and is in territories controlled by non-IS opposition forces is a legitimate target, be it hospitals, schools – the lot.

On Friday, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu revealed that Saudi Arabia was dispatching jets to a base in eastern Turkey and that the two countries were preparing to launch a ground invasion of Syria so that
Assad will not be part of Syria’s future and “the Russian military intervention will not help him stay in power.

Saudi Arabia sees America’s impotence, it sees America’s attempt to ignore the fact that the Russians may well defeat Assad’s moderate opponents. And it looks like Riyadh has decided not to lean on the Americans any longer. For the Saudis, the prospect of the Iranian-Russian axis taking over Syria and Lebanon is one step too far.

The weakness and feckless foreign policy of the president of the United States” has allowed Russian President Vladimir Putin to “gain significant control of the entire Middle East.” He continued, “This is an incredible display of American weakness. This is really a remarkable point in American history. They [the Russians] now have a major place in the Middle East that they haven’t had since Anwar Sadat threw the Russians out of Egypt in 1973.”

Russia and Iran will have their way !!!

Prophecy is being fulfilled right before our eyes. God reveals a fascinating and detailed prophecy about a future war campaign against Israel in the book of Ezekiel. This war is known as the “Gog and Magog War” because Gog Russia and Magog will come together to attack Israel latter.

Prophecy says that The Final Persian empire will start the WAR that will be unlike any other war in history … this war will unleash a series of IRREVERSIBLE events that will change our world forever. Prophecy also says that when this war starts, the United States may be unable to help Israel defend herself. I believe this prophecy is a chilling warning that america will be invaded by members of the “The Persian empire’s” Islamic warriors – Isis

In fact Islamic State terrorists are crossing the U.S. / Mexican border right now conducting reconnaissance mission, setting up supply lines, establishing vast networks of communities all across america and actively recruiting blacks to create a huge fighting force right here in the good ole USA


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