Prophecy links – Iran, the Anti christ, and armageddon

Babylon AKA Persia will rise to become the last global empire of the modern world, it will feature the greatest economic and religious center on earth but will be filled with evil and wickedness.

Iran and the anti christ
Iran and the anti christ

This is reflected by The “Woman” of Revelation 17:1-18 and Zechariah 5:1-11 – “The Woman who rides the Beast” … “MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.”

This “Woman” is the coming global religious system which will rise along with a global political and economic system under the leadership of the coming Antichrist.

This man will be a very popular and powerful world leader who will soon rise. He will be the Satanic empowered counterfeit Messiah.

The Bible warns around the time of the coming Antichrist and just before Armageddon, the last great empire; the Persian empire, the new Babylon will become the economic and religious heart of the world.

The coming Antichrist (who will rise, from the middle east, and have power over 10 nations in Europe “the Revived Roman Empire) will apparently shift the center the coming global economic system and religious system from Europe and Rome to Iraq (Babylon) under his control and under the control of his powerful religious partner whom the Bible calls “the Second Beast” (Revelation 13:11-12). the Second Beast will come from isreal !!!

This prophecy was written by the prophet Isaiah around over 2,100 years ago in the Dead Sea Scrolls. Babylon (southern Iraq) was conquered by the Medes and the Persians in ancient times, it was conquered in such a way it was never destroyed … in fact, in the past the great city of Babylon was spared and inhabited by its conquerors, including both Persia and Greece. lets fast forward to today, currently the UN and Islam are rebuilding Babylon.

this is fact not fiction, Today the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization is pumping millions of dollars into Babylon and several other historical sites in Iraq. With the help of private donors the UN is hoping to turn Babylon in to a thriving center of tourism and commerce. If everything goes according to plan, Babylon will be a cultural center complete with shopping malls, hotels, and maybe even a theme park.

Babylon Destiny is still Unfulfilled. It was founded by the first world dictator, Nimrod. It is mentioned over 300 times in the Bible – and many of the prophecies concerning this fascinating city are being fulfilled right now.

The Iranian President Amadinejad is a member of a Islamic Messianic cult who believes that they have to rebuild Babylon and destroy Israel, before the 12 Imam can return as the Savior of the World.



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