The missing link – Newest Discovery (2/2016)

The term “missing link” has been used extensively in popular writings on human evolution to refer to a perceived gap in the hominid evolutionary record, most scientist want to link us back to the chimpanzees. But i’m not talking specifically about that missing link, no the missing link i’m referring to is the Instant leap in brain evolution from the supposed Neanderthals to the modern man AdamEve

Believe it or not, There’s been no real changes in humans after that jump for the past 40,000 or 50,000 years. Everything we call culture and civilization we’ve built with the same body and brain. This has held true until now. We are now in another new age of intelligence poised to take of huge leap ahead (to be determined)

So what the heck am i talking about here ???? I’m saying that there is nothing new that happens on this earth. everything that’s old will be new again, but we never remember that its old or shall we say that history tends to have a way of always repeating itself (proving that its erased and then altered)

So how does this tie in with this missing link that i’m talking about. In the history that’s been hidden there have always been advanced societies, but what happens to them, they always seem to vanish …. mans is provided with god given gifts to be used for good but most are easily mislead and ends up using these gifts for self serving evil purposes.

And here we are on the eve of destruction once again far away from gods wisdom and knowledge, leaping ever forward with our own perverted intelligence by creating weapons of mass destruction like nuclear bombs, Germ warfare, biological and chemical weapons while smashing atoms together to uncover the unimaginable. And lets not forget all the genetic enhancements, DNA tampering and cloning that there messing around with ….

Where is this missing link, oh yeah .. Those under Satan’s evil influence will continue trying to play god but will end up destroying themselves and the masses who turned their backs on our heavenly father to fulfill their own dark desires. As the world becomes corrupt and self destructs gods reaches out to protect his children and begins a new.

Thus causing gaps leading to this mysterious “missing link”

The lost souls end up being the deformed, mutated, apelike, cavemanish skeletons that the so called “brilliant minds” discover but cant ever connect them to gods people who end up reclaiming and resettling the earth so they try to fill the missing links by saying we evolved from an animal which in reality for them is the fallen man .. this is a very complicated subject but has a simple answer

What’s the missing link you ask … GOD  

Satan’s end goal is to desecrate and mutate gods beloved children into demonic creatures with evil powers to help him hurt, humiliate and ultimately dethrone our heavenly father.  He wants us to believe that were animals rather than the divine beings that we are.  What do you think ??????


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