Economic crash will pass – but woe is what follows

As long as man is in charge of the prosperity, money will come and go like the flow of river as it reflects the seasons. This economic crash will pass, like others before it.

This current economic crisis, along with others is another warning from our God who is really in charge of this planet. yes this is gods planet that he made for us to rule with him but we chose a new path and a new leader. Ever since then we’ve been living in a fallen world under Satan’s authority.

Satan has provided us with the time of prosperity, a time when men’s hearts are on their goods, and not on worshiping God. These current Economic crashes are simply leading up to the big global Economic crash. These economic trimmers that were feeling now are nothing more than the footsteps pounding the ground as the evil beast approaches from the sea

God is coming back to reclaim this planet and to re – establish his faithful children as the rightful rules of this earth under the protection of his kingdom. He is being long suffering with us, and at some point, the warnings will stop. Then things will REALLY get bad.

Beware …. the masses are walking strait into a trap. They re sleep walking right into Satan’s hands, like sheep’s being led to the slaughter house .. Once the noose tightens around your neck you will never be able to escape from the pits of hell.

i will post much much more on this topic
whats really going on here !!!
post your thoughts



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