B.Graham – 2016 Stock Market Crash – Prophecy

The public is walking into a trap again as they did in 2007. Also the prophetic economist Andrew Smithers warns, “U.S. stocks are now about 80% overvalued.” Lets not forget about Jonathan Cahn’s and the seven-year cycles of God’s calendar that he discovered. They’re all pointing to one thing – the great Stock Market Crash of 2016 !

the evil age is upon us
the evil age is upon us

America has fallen out of line with god & his ways, so we have lost his blessings. As humans continue to turn from god they will keep trying to govern themselves but will always be under Satan’s control and guidance.

This society and culture trust and love money far more than they do our heavenly father. however those people will clearly be shown just how feeble their false gods and idols are as they crash and become ultimately worthless. This will leave them broke, hungry and in the hands of the brutal dictatorship of Satan and his evil empire. They wont get it till they feel the burn ?????

Billy Graham told the world that if we did not elect a godly man to lead our nation back to god (back in the 2012) we would lose gods blessing, favor and protections. We didn’t and now we are reaping the fruits of  what was sown.

2012 kicked off the beginning of the biblical “labor pain” prophecy. 2012 was known to the Mayans as the time of change. We changed from a god loving nation into a godless culture. This change has caused the start of these “labor pains” and will usher in the first tribulation days and the final judgement.

Beware …. the masses are walking strait into a trap. They re sleep walking right into Satan’s hands, like sheep’s being led to the slaughter house .. Once the noose tightens around your neck you will never be able to escape from the pits of hell.

Things are going to get far worse before they get better. Turn to god today and he will protect you through these upcoming perilous times. Its your choice, the heavenly kingdom or the evil empire … what side are you on ????





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