Middle east going up in flames – 2016

The looming threat of World War 3 as tensions have risen to an all time high and may soon erupt into flames in Middle East. These tensions are also being felt in Pakistan, Indian Kashmir and Europe.ww3

Sources of fire:
a. Rivalry between Al Qaeda and ISIS
b. Struggle intensifies between the Sunni and Shiite’s
c. The successes of the Houthis in Yemen

Islamic State Gains Strength in Yemen, Challenging Al Qaeda. ISIS and al Qaeda are locked in a fierce competition. They are playing for the hearts and minds of millions of young people ripe for recruitment.

The militant Sunni with Al Qaeda’s ideology, headed by ISIS, has control over large swathes of Syria and Iraq and has established the most stringent form of Sharia law in those areas.

The war between the Shiite Assad regime and Hezbollah and Sunni is getting more fierce. Hezbollah has recieved painful losses recently in Lebanon, leading the Iranian revolutionary guards to send top officers to organization and improve results.

Yemen is a battlefield where Iran is forcing its enemies to follow its agenda, including nearby Saudi Arabia, which sees the Houthis as a direct threat to its security. the Saudis built a fence along their border with Yemen, to keep out Al Qaeda and Houthi militants.

These struggles are synergetic, they influence one another because an Islamic militant sees what is happening in one area and decides to take revenge for Allah in another.

This sinking into chaos can lead to large number of large scale conflicts, with many more participants and deaths, especially if these organizations succeed in drawing Israel and the US into the fray.

Daniel 8:9 indicates that the Antichrist will conquer countries and armies in Israel, Syria and Iraq in his initial rise to power. He will also assimilate the countries of Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and possibly even Russia to form his new Middle Eastern empire

Prophecy says that World War III will begin in the Middle East and the yellow dragon will invade Alaska and Canada. The West Coast will be invaded by Asians and the United States be destroyed. (yikes!!!!)

israelnationalnews.com – Articles
we gather info only from these sites, Not their perspectives

i will post much much more on this topic

whats really going on here !!!

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