Flames are fueling – WW3

Prophecy says that World War III will begin in the Middle East and the yellow dragon will invade Alaska and Canada. The West Coast will be invaded by Asians and the United States may be destroyed.  (yikes!!!!)

World War III is coming like it or not. Here are a couple hot spots that might trigger the next big attack that leads all into a global war. iran_bible_prophecy

1. Islamic fury at in Egypt
2. Islamic extremists and European regimes

A fierce struggle is going on in Egypt between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Sunni Jihad organizations.  In Europe there’s growing escalation because of Europe’s strikes against jihad cells in Belgium and Germany that will trigger Jihad activities encouraged by ISIS as well as Al Qaeda.

The looming threat of World War 3 also grows larger because tension has risen to an all time high that may cause things to erupt in the Middle East. These tensions are also spreading across Pakistan, Indian Kashmir and russia

These struggles are synergistic, they influence one another because an Islamic militant sees what is happening in one area and decides to take revenge for Allah in another.  When they succeed at drawing Israel, china, Russia and the good ole USA into the fray, the powder keg will ignite and the nukes will fly.

life will end as we know it !!!!!!!!!

israelnationalnews.com – Articles
we gather info only from these sites, Not their perspectives

i will post much much more on this topic
whats really going on here !!!
post your thoughts


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