Star of Bethlehem – Fabricated ?

The faithful sing about the Star of Wonder that guided the wise men to a manger in the little town of Bethlehem, where Jesus was born.

Is the star’s biblical description a pious fiction ??? satan

Can we find any other explanation, consistent with Matthew’s words, that doesn’t require that the laws of physics be violated and that has something to do with astronomy? The answer, amazingly, is yes.

Astronomer Michael Molnar points out that “in the east” is a literal translation of the Greek phrase en te anatole, which was a technical term used in Greek mathematical astrology 2,000 years ago.

Thus, the “star in the east” refers to an astronomical event with supposed astrological significance in the context of ancient Greek astrology.

God revealed in the book of Genesis that the heavenly bodies would not only be for seasons but also for signs.

One of the Greatest Signs predicted in Revelation (thousands of years ago) to ever appear in heaven for the first time in history will be witnessed by the human race in 2017

however this is not a sign that god is coming, it points more to the birth of the anti Christ, rise of the false prophet, revision of the roman empire and or power grab by the NWO.

I will post more as this revalation becomes clearer to me


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