Heavenly kingdom appears in sky ( its true )

Who’s messin with our minds – Aliens, God or the governments ..

RESIDENTS of two Chinese cities have witnessed the gateway to a parallel universe after a ‘floating city’ appeared in their sky. One of the more common themes occurring is the belief the illusion was the result of ‘Project Blue Beam’ — a secret NASA project in which the space agency will try to start a New World Order by simulating the second coming of Christ through holograms.City appears in sky

“This is the Project Blue Beam by NASA preparing their mind control over the sheep people. Wake up and smell the roses,” wrote one user. Another theory suggests the event was not designed here on Earth; rather it was the work of aliens from another dimension. “I believe it’s the work of the Grays [aliens]. They probably teleported a giant city or maybe reflected it from their own dimension,” wrote one user.

Similar apparition in the sky ahave also appeared above Hastings, on the south coast of England and in a remote part of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado in the US. scientists have been quick to dismiss the occurrence as a Fata Morgana — a mirage caused when light passes through at different temperatures.

Or was this clear sign from our heavenly father giving us a glimpse of the heavenly kingdom that will arrive in our skies ?

http://www.express.co.uk – bizarre-city-scape-skies
http://www.news.com.au – floating-city-appears-in-the-sky
we gather info only from these sites, Not their perspective




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