China challenges U.S. – Happy new year (war drums)

China is pressing ahead with his drive to challenge U.S. dominance of the global financial and security order. This new bold agenda threatens to put Beijing increasingly at odds with Washington. However U.S. President Barack Obama, preoccupied by Russia and the Mideast, is expected to avoid a major confrontation with China in his final year in office.  ww3-usa-china-russia

But there is a potential flash point and its in the South China Sea, where U.S. officials have said that American navy ships and planes will continue to patrol—roughly twice every quarter—near artificial islands China has built in the last two years.

The islands aren’t growing out any more: They’re now growing up,” Gregory Poling, said in a recent podcast. “By which I mean China’s focused on building all the infrastructure—the buildings, the ports—that are going to be needed to make these functioning bases,” he said.

The Chinese government is also expected to unveil several new infrastructure projects as part of its much-vaunted “One Belt, One Road” program to build new trade and transport links between Asia and Europe.

strange things have been going on over there. whats really going on ???

sources – a-bigger-bolder-china-in-2016
we gather info only from these sites, Not their perspective


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