Preachers echoing Jewish prophecies

End time prophecies echoed by pastors – A recent survey of pastors / preachers shows them echoing Jewish prophecies, associating trouble in Israel and the rest of the Middle East with End Times.

A staggering 73 percent of pastors say that world events would turn against Israel the closer we get to End Times. In addition, 79 percent of preachers believe that the unfolding violence across the Middle East is a sign that the End Times are near. These two findings are consistent with beliefs based in Biblical prophecy and rabbinic teachings.

And I will gather all the nations to Jerusalem to wage war; and the city shall be captured, and the houses shall be plundered, and the women shall be ravished, and half the city shall go forth into exile-and the rest of the people shall not be cut off from the city.” (Zechariah 14:2)

Before the coming of Hashem (God), End time troubles and persecutions will follow each other so closely that there will be no space between them so that even all who are wise of heart will be unable to fathom it.

Just as for an expectant woman who is about to give birth, the closer she comes to the moment of birth, the more intense her contractions and her pain, and this is the most reliable indication that the birth is nearing, so too, the wheels of the era will turn faster at the time of the birth pangs of Moshiach.”

we are experiencing the labor pains that usher in the tribulation days that leads us into the great tribulation ( survey – Brookings Institute)


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