Prophecy – America ravaged?

A great Voice said, “Tell the people this is my will. This is my hand, both upon the generation of the righteous and upon the cursed. The righteous will find their way and know what to do. The cursed will wander around with no compass

Nostradamus foresaw the nuclear destruction of New York City. Both Alois Irlmaier and the Seer of Waldviertel also warn us that New York City will be destroyed before World War III in Europe gets underway, during the Middle East and Balkan conflicts.

The Seer of Waldviertel – there will be a nearly total destruction of New York — an unprecedented terrorist act that willl be carried out with two small nuclear explosive devices. It will be summer-like weather

Hopi Peoples – World War III will be started by those peoples who first revealed the light (of divine wisdom) in the other old countries. The United States will be destroyed, land and people, by atomic bombs and radioactivity. Only the Hopis and their homeland will be preserved as an oasis to which refugees will flee …

George Washington’s angelic vision at Valley Forge in 1777, Europe, Asia, and Africa come together. hordes of armed men, march by land and sail by sea to America. These vast armies devastate the whole country, and then a light as of a thousand suns shone down from above me, and pierced and broke into fragments the dark cloud which enveloped America.

Alois Irlmaier – he said the war will begin in the Middle East. and the yellow dragon invades in Alaska and Canada at the same time. But he comes not far. And then it rains a yellow dust in a line. When the golden city is destroyed, it begins… The “Great City” of the United States will be destroyed by rockets, and the West Coast will be invaded by Asians !!!!!!!!! yikes

Sr Pastor T.d. Hale (Dec. 28, 2011) Something hits America, no food, no water… babies were crying, grownups, men all crying, holding onto their families, begging God for mercy. Pastor Hale says that the message of this dream is going out all across America. Many other people have already confirmed that God is telling them the very same thing. Trouble is coming to America…and coming soon.

Many people have confirmed that God is telling them the very same thing. Trouble is coming to America…and coming soon.

2016 – 2020 prophecies – Shocking

Its been predicted for many years that some leading-edge technologies such as physics, robotics, genetic engineering and nano-tech will lead to the extinction of human society in the year 2020.

The cross is in the shape of the letter “T” which is the 20th character in the alphabet. A configuration of two cross symbols worn on opposite lapels by some clergy therefore can be interpreted as the number 2020.

The Bible refers to an unfulfilled 400 year prophecy. 2020 is exactly 400 years from 1620, thats the year the pilgrims landed. And what about the next Great Alignment? The only one to ever occur on the solstice. December 21st 2020


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