China / U.S. Edging Towards war

America sells Taiwan weapon worth $1.83B

Are China And U.S. Edging Toward An Inevitable War?

The proposed $1.83B arms package includes two decommissioned U.S. Navy frigates, anti-tank missiles, amphibious assault vehicles and Stinger surface-to-air missiles. There’s also support for Taiwan’s capabilities in intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance and a weapons system to defend against anti-ship missiles.

State Department spokesman John Kirby said the U.S. was in contact with both Taiwan and China about the sale, which he said was consistent with U.S. support for Taiwan’s ability to defend itself under the Taiwan Relations Act. “There’s no need for it to have any derogatory effect on our relationship with China,” Kirby told reporters.

“China resolutely opposes this sale of weapons to Taiwan by the U.S. “In order to safeguard their nation’s interests, the Chinese have decided to take necessary measures, including the imposition of sanctions against american companies participating in the arms sale to Taiwan.

It certainly appears that China is edging toward a conflict with the US? China is building an impressive blue-water navy, deploying submarines and ships, and setting up military bases that include such far-flung locales as Djibouti, the Maldives, the Seychelles and even the Antarctic. Yes, the Antarctic.

The U.S. and China are now potentially closer to an armed encounter than at any time in the past 20 years, not to mention the troubles with Isis & Russia. Check out this phrophecy – The “Great City” of the United States will be destroyed by rockets, and the West Coast will be invaded by Asians”

This prophecy sounds very unsettling considering the political situation, the troubles in the middle east & all the religious conflicts today.

i will post more about this prophecy & upcoming war !!


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