China’s Positron collider = UNIVERSAL DESTRUCTION

End time prophecy = China’s Positron collider

Many belive that building this “mega hadron collider” in 2020 is a definite sign pointing to end time prophecy. Christian, Jewish, Islamic, prophets, psychics, occultist and others say this event is linked to some big time end time events like: horrendous natural disasters, the Tribulation, the arrival on earth of the Antichrist, the war of Armageddon, and the return of god

Stephen Hawking made a bleak claim last year saying that search for the Higgs boson particle – often referred to as the God particle – could end the world at anytime. And its feared that china building this huge collider machine – one that dwarfs CERN – increases the odds of his end of the world claim exponentially.

China hopes its Circular Electron Positron Collider (CEPC) will get the closest humanity has ever got to creating the conditions just after the Big Bang. This project will generate seven times the energy of Europe’s own collider. Their scientist are trying to shed light on dark matter, the Big Bang and black holes.

2020 will be a historical year no doubt. Big predictions have been made !!!

Its been predicted for many years that some leading-edge technologies such as physics, robotics, genetic engineering and nano-tech will lead to the extinction of human society in the year 2020.

The cross is in the shape of the letter “T” which is the 20th character in the alphabet. A configuration of two cross symbols worn on opposite lapels by some clergy therefore can be interpreted as the number 2020.

The Bible refers to an unfulfilled 400 year prophecy. 2020 is exactly 400 years from 1620, thats the year the pilgrims landed. And what about the next Great Alignment? The only one to ever occur on the solstice. December 21st 2020

Many people around the globe are wondering if the end of the world is near. Are we moving closer to the Tribulation period? A super sign that shows we are is (Daniel 12:4) A vast Increase in knowledge/technology. It’s been theorized that particle accelerators can cause a black hole and or destroy the universe.

China’s Plans specifically call for building the largest and most complicated machine ever assembled. This so-called “Great Collider” is being built to in order to unlock the secrets of the universe but may usher in gods final judgment instead.


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